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Thinking of ceramics as raw canvas.
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The AZZURRA Art Collection is inspired by thinking that ceramics are not just for colouring and decorating, but represent a blank page, a canvas to be painted with colours and brushes, and entrusted to the hands of visual artists who are familiar with painting techniques; it means turning it into a narrative text. The AZZURRA Art Collection transforms everyday objects into art works that become part of everyday life. Shapes are not subject to forms, are not designed to comply with a particular figure, but they prevail and pervade them with improvised brush strokes, with abstract motifs, with dynamic markings, with raised arabesques that recall the art of embroidery and crochet.

They do not resemble classic patterns, designed to be repeated in sequence, but vigorous strokes and intense polychrome that are inspired by the rough nature of the place, the gorges and rocky spurs that surrender the town and the whole area, the warm colours, the soft swirls the Romanesque arches… THE HISTORY, TRADITIONS AND GEOGRAPHY OF THE PLACE ACT AS YOUR WATERMARK, BUT THE CONFIGURATIONS ARE TOTALLY MODERN: AN ABSTRACTION, MADE VIGOROUS BY A DENSE COLOUR RANGE, WHICH GIVES THE SHAPES NEW SCULPTURAL MEANING.